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Custom Dam Gate Seals Manufacturer & Supplier

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Custom dam gate seals 

Custom dam gate seals by Ruyi Rubber are well-recognized by numerous gate contractors, fabricators, and engineers. Our dam gate seals are adopted by many small & large projects across the world. With our rich experience in tailor-making rubber products, we are capable of manufacturing your complicated dam gate seals. 

EPDM-Rubber Seal-1

We take pride in our capability to fully meet our customers' needs. 

Our rubber seal experts know the material and technique well, and they always surprise our customers with their expertise.

Our in-house manufacturing ensures the high quality of the dam gate seals.

We have advanced machines, skilled workers, and quality control, teams.

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Benefits from Your Dam Gate Seals Supplier - Ruyi Rubber

  • Dimensionally Accurate Dam Gate Seals

Ruyi Rubber dam gate seals are tailor-made to perfectly fit your applications. They feature superior durability and are easy to assemble even at corners, offering great sealing to prevent leakages.

  • High Resistance to Wear and Corrosion

Our Rubber dam gate seals are superior in wear and corrosion resistance, hence offers long service life.

  • Price Advantages

We own a rubber products manufacturing factory thus you'll get the factory price.

Types of dam gate seals

We have produced various types of dam gate seals, including

  • HR Gates

  • Swing Gates

  • Under Sluice Gates

  • Desilting Service Gates

  • Vertical Lift Gates

  • Draft Tube Gates

  • Spill Way Gates

  • Bulk Head Gates

  • Stop Log Gates

  • Automatic Tilting Gates

Dam Gate Seal Materials:

Ruyi Rubber uses compounds to manufacture rubber dam gate seals:

PolyChloroprene Rubber / Neoprene Rubber

EPDM Rubber

Natural Rubber

EPDM Rubber

And so on.

Dam Gate Seal Manufacturing:

Ruyi Rubber adopts moulding methods to produce dam gate seals, which makes the gate seals better in quality than extruded seals. During moulding, our pressurized curing technique ensures close dimensional control, compact microstructures, superior physical properties. That's why Ruyi Rubber Dam Gate Seals are considered excellent in durability, functionality, and performance.

Dam Gate Seals Applications:

Rubber dam gate seals are widely used in hydraulic and power generation industries. We have provided rubber dam gate seals for a great many projects including irrigation, flood protection, waterwork, locks and dams and fish mitigation.

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