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Custom Epdm Rubber Grommets Manufacturer - Rubber Grommets Low MOQ & Instant Quote
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Custom Epdm Rubber Grommets Manufacturer - Rubber Grommets Low MOQ & Instant Quote

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What are EPDM Rubber Grommets?

First, let's see some photos of EPDM Rubber Grommets.

rubber grommets - Ruyi Rubber

From these pictures, you can tell what EPDM Rubber Grommets look like. They are usually in round tube shapes and serve as edging that cover sharp and rough edges of a panel hole. With the help of Rubber Grommets, cables and wires that passing through the hole won't get hurt on the surface from snags, abrasions or cuts. Besides, rubber grommets, to some extent, block the ingress of dust and liquid into the hole. 

Need Sample?

Ruyi Rubber can provide you with 1 cavity sample mold or 3D printing.

You can send your requirements to Ruyi Rubber experts. Our experts will get back to you soon. 

Custom Sizes

Different applications require different sizes of rubber grommet, so no matter what size you need, Ruyi Rubber will fulfill your needs.

Custom Materials

These flexible rubber washers can be made of rubber materials such as NBR, EPDM, Silicone(VMQ), SBR, NR, Neoprene(CR), XNBR, FKM, HNBR, FFKM, FLAS, PTFE, FVMQ, IIR, ACR, PU, ECO, etc...

Hence, they have good resistance to water, petroleum-based oils, hydraulic fluid, and silicone greases.

Custom Hardness

Usually, the hardness of rubber grommets is 50-60a. If you require larger hardness range, 10-70a is customizable at Ruyi Rubber.  

Custom Colors

What color do you need? Just tell us the color you want, and we can make the exact color for your rubber grommets.

Temperature Resistance


The highest temperature they can bear is up to 230°C and the lowest reaches  -40 °C. Rubber grommets stay in their perfect shapes and remain soft and flexible within this range.

Brief Introduction of Our Rubber Grommets

Double Side Synthetic Rubber Grommet

Double Side Synthetic Rubber Grommet

After installing this rubber grommet onto the hole, use a cutting knife to cut along the cross. Remember to carefully measure the diameter of the cables so that the cuts fit well.

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IP67 Waterproof Electrical Cable Wire Protector

Waterproof Electrical Cable Wire Protector

This rubber grommet performs well in preventing cables and wires from water and dust. Push it into place and use a sharp tool, like an awl or a pin to prick a hole at the small end, allowing the cable and wire to pass through it.

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Rubber Grommets Electrical Wire Gasket

Electrical Wire Rubber Grommets

This rubber grommet fits multiple sizes of cords, cables and wires due to the flexible flaps at the center. Push this rubber grommet into place, for example, on the countertops, desktops, or benchtops,  it helps eliminate cord clutter and to some extent prevent dust invasion.

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Rubber Sheath Rubber Guard Coil

Rubber Sheath Rubber Guard Coil

For this type of rubber grommet, the thin layer at the center can be cut off to create an ideal diameter, which helps perfectly hold and the wires, cords and cables. Just a utility knife can do the cutting. The smooth surface at the center prevents the wire from hurting by the rough-edged holes.

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Rubber Guard Coil Wire Sheath

Rubber Guard Coil Wire Sheath

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Wire Sheath Rubber Guard Coil

Wire Sheath Rubber Guard Coil

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Multi-Hole Rubber Grommet Rubber Guard Coil

Multi Hole Rubber Grommet Rubber Guard Coil

This type of rubber grommet is suitable for holding multiple wires and cables.

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Nitrile Butadience Rubber Guard Coil

Nitrile Butadience Rubber Guard Coil

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How Does Ruyi Rubber Manufacture Rubber Grommets?

Tooling Design

As a leading manufacturer of custom rubber products, we can turn your ideas into reality. Just tell us your requirements,  we can provide you with the best design.


Compression Molding

Transfer Molding

Injection Molding

Liquid Injection Molding

We have all kinds of molding machines to manufacture the exact rubber products that you want.

Rubber Grommets Materials

EPDM (ethylene propylene diene monomer rubber)


















Can't find the materials you want? Contact our expert!

Where Rubber Grommets are Used?

Rubber Grommets are widely-used in cable and wire-involved scenes, particularly in the electronic and automotive industries. They are excellent at vibration reducing, hence, play an important role in cable and wire management solutions. Just looking around, you may find a rubber grommet beside you.

Rubber Grommets are often used in these industries:



Medical equipment



Aircraft design

Data centers

Office furniture

Want to learn more about our capabilities? Click here!

Ruyi Rubber provides a full line of rubber grommets that are widely used in a variety of applications. As a professional rubber grommets manufacturer, we're pleased to help you if you are in the market of suitable rubber grommets. Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about rubber grommets! 

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