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  • Rubber Freezing Bording

  • Liquid Injection Molding

    Injection molding of Liquid Silicone Rubber (LSR) is a process used to produce pliable, durable parts in high volumes. During the process, several components are necessary: an injector, a metering unit, a supply drum, a mixer, a nozzle, and a mold clamp, among others.
  • Injection Molding

    Rubber molding through injection uses a nozzle and strategically placed sprues and runners to disseminate uncured stock through a mold. The rubber flows into hold cavities and cures. Injection molding has its roots in plastics.
  • Transfer Molding

    Rubber transfer molding requires creating a raw mix or rubber compound that is cut and weighed, or made into "pre-forms". Where transfer molding differs from compression molding is that the rubber is not put into the cavity of the mold then compressed, rather, it is compressed and injected into the mold.
  • Compression Molding

    The rubber compression molding process uses a preformed piece of uncured rubber that is placed in an open mold cavity. The mold is preheated to an elevated temperature. As the mold closes in the press, the material is compressed and flows to fill the rubber mold cavity.
  • Tooling Design

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