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Customized EPDM Rubber Buffer Shock Absorption Pad Rubber Cushion
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Customized EPDM Rubber Buffer Shock Absorption Pad Rubber Cushion

  • Customized

  • EPDM Rubber

  • Black or Customized

  • 100PCS

  • Plastic Bag+Carton Box

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Rubber Buffers

1.Rubber buffers are popular construction and standard elements for elastic bearings.
2.These rubber buffers are distinguished by their robustness and their effective damping and cushioning of shocks. This is particularly important when there are repeated impacts and accelerations with an end stop.  Rubber buffers assist in damping and cushioning machine vibrations.
3.Rubber buffers are used for pressure loads and shear loads in the widest variety of applications in industry and trade, mainly for absorbing kinetic energy, and they belong to the buffer element product family. They are also used, among other things, in the bearings for assemblies, motors, compressors, pumps and testing machines. Rubber buffers are frequently used as door stops or as noise reduction elements.
4.What is Rubber Buffers?
These shock absorbing pads and pads are made from recycled or synthetic rubber with excellent physical and chemical properties. Vibration damping materials protect your machine and floor from harmful vibrations when the equipment is in operation. In addition, anti-vibration rubber pads reduce noise from mechanical movement. Rubber insulators, whether made from recycled or synthetic rubber, are strong enough to withstand abrasion conditions, yet elastic enough to provide cushioning to absorb impact.
5.Rubber Buffers Material?
Its material is mainly composed of EPDM Rubber. Rubber Buffers  can greatly reduce vibration and keep noise to a minimum.
6.Rubber Buffers Usage?
Rubber Buffers relies on hydraulic damping to buffer and decelerate the objects on it until they stop, thus playing a protective role to a certain extent. In addition, it’s suitable for transportation, elevator, metallurgy, railway vehicles and other mechanical equipment. Not only that, it can prevent hard collision in the working process leading to the damage of the safety buffer device.


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