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How To Buy Custom Electrical Insulating Rubber Mat In Bulk From A Reliable Manufacturer
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How To Buy Custom Electrical Insulating Rubber Mat In Bulk From A Reliable Manufacturer

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Electrical mats are used to prevent the users from electrical shock. They can be used by electricians, workmen, and operators from being electrocuted. We are reputed suppliers of electrical mats, and we supply worldwide. These electrical insulating mats are certified according to the IEC61 111 :2009 international standards.

We have different thicknesses of the insulating mats, but we recommend 2mm to 4mm thick mats with anti-skip on the bottom and top surfaces. Electrical rubber mats with a fine-ribbed design are also available in 2mm and 5mm. However, depending on the electrical voltage, we can customize these mats to your desired thickness.

Our electrical rubber mats are long-lasting and come with a manufacturer's test certificate. They are water, moisture, acid, and oil and fire resistant. In addition, we provide customers with the requested color, shape, and cut lengths.

Determinants of Electrical Safety Malting in Live Working:

The highest voltage of the system

The required insulation level

The extra protective insulating equipment used by the worker

National regulatory requirements

The work practices used by the employees according to the employer's requirements.

Where to Purchase Electrical Insulating Rubber Mat?

We supply insulation mats globally through direct sales, authorized dealers, and resellers. You can email us through our website or call us for a quotation.

Should You Choose Fine Ribbed or Side Textured Design?

When deciding between fine ribbed and textured design, you must look at the grip, maintenance, and aesthetic factors. Fine ribbed mats have a strong grip for high voltage insulation, but it's hard to maintain them for they accumulate dirt between the ribs. Also, fine ribbed mats have a minimum thickness of 3mm while the side textured design starts at 2mm, reducing cost.

100% Electrical Shock Proof

We test all our insulating mats before shipping them to ensure they are up to the standard and are within the required work voltage.

Safety Audit Compliant

We ensure our electrical mats are safe for use following approvals from all the government and safety audit agencies.

Amazing Designs and Colors

Electrical insulating mats are available in black and grey colors for fine ribbed and both textured anti-skid designs.


Quality comes with a price. However, we lower our pricing and profit margins to ensure our customers are 100% protected from shock.

Ruyi Rubber is a custom electrical insulating rubber mat supplier in China. We have our self-operated factory. That's why we can provide you with price advantages to help with your business profitability. If you want to buy oem/odm electrical insulating rubber mat in bulk, contact us now! 

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