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How to Measure Rubber Oring Seals? - Custom Rubber O-ring Seal Manufacturer & Supplier
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How to Measure Rubber Oring Seals? - Custom Rubber O-ring Seal Manufacturer & Supplier

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What is a rubber o ring seal?

How to customize rubber o-ring seals from manufacturers?

How to measure rubber o rings?


What is rubber o-ring seal?

Let's have a look at rubber o-ring seals first

ruyi rubber o-ring seals

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As you can see, rubber o-rings are in the shape of the letter "O", and they can have different colors. What are rubber o rings used for? They are used in almost everything to provide sealing and prevent the leaking of air and liquid. Rubber o-ring seals are one of the most common types of seals. You can find them in the plumpings in your home, in your car, and even in rockets.


How to customize rubber o-ring seal from manufacturers?

If you already know exactly what rubber o ring you need, just find a reliable custom rubber o ring manufacturer and send your requirements and ask for the price and the lead time, the transportation, and the payment.


If you have no clear ideas, you'd better discuss your application or project with the manufacturer, they have sophisticated experience in offering the best solutions. Ruyi Rubber would provide rubber o-ring seals that are tailor-made for your applications and projects.


How to Measure Rubber O-ring Seals?

When you have the need of replacing old rubber o-rings, you should know the size of the o-rings.

It the best if you have a user manual at hand as you can find the original size of an old oring. If this is not possible, you can measure an old one by using a ruler, some calipers, or an oring measuring tool which would be the best.


How to measure an rubber oring seal? Let me tell you about it step by step.


1. Lay the oring on a flat surface

Remember not to put the rubber o ring on a rugged surface as it might lead to a deviation of angles when you do the measuring and you might get incorrect data.


2. Measure the inner diameter of the rubber o ring seal


3. Measure the cross-section or outer diameter

 O-ring-Seal-2mm  O-ring-Seal-14mm 

During your measurement, do not squeeze the rubber o ring, even a slight deformation will give you an incorrect measurement


These guidelines should help you find the size you need, but if you are still unsure and have problems with finding an ideal rubber o ring, get in touch and we'll be happy to help you.


Benefits from Your Reliable Rubber O-ring Seals Manufacturer-Ruyi Rubber

  • Free o-ring seal sample

Free sample could be sent to you helping you feel the real o ring seals before mass production.


  • OEM/ODM Services

We make your o-ring seal ideas come true no matter you want private-labeled rubber o-ring or specially customed rubber o-rings.


  • Self-Owned O-ring Seal Factory

Ruyi Rubber o-ring seals are made in our own factory, hence the quality and cost are well controlled.


Contact us now if you are in the market of custom o-ring seals.

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