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NBR Rubber Combined Oil Seal for Automotive
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NBR Rubber Combined Oil Seal for Automotive

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1.Oil seal is a component of a machine that seals lubricants, constructed of rubber, garter spring, and an internal case.
2.While preventing the leakage of lubricants, water, or chemicals, and oil seal also prevents the entry of dust and dirt into the machine.
3.What is OIL SEAL?
The oil seal is a mechanical seal composed of NBR Rubber, which is used to resist rotational and static deformation under pressure, heat, wear and lubrication. Components with shaft, housing, holes are press-fit with metal contact.
4.OIL SEAL Material?
Made of NBR nitrile rubber, its main feature is its high resistance to a variety of chemical agents such as animal and vegetable oils, greases, solvents and aliphatic hydrocarbons, methane and liquefied petroleum gas, water and salt solutions. Nitrile NBR has a temperature resistance range of -40°C to +100°C. It has good mechanical strength, UV and abrasion resistance, and is also resistant to low and high temperatures.
5.OIL SEAL Usage?
By choosing the appropriate millimeter size, the application fields of oil seals: machinery, automobiles, transmission industry, agricultural machinery, earth-moving machinery, tractors, wind turbines, shipbuilding, machinery manufacturing, factory construction, wheel hubs, motorcycles (Vespa, Ape, motorcycles, scooters, scooters), asynchronous motors for industrial and do-it-yourself use.


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