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OEM/ODM Rubber Products in Every Shape for Your Project


Every Thing You Want to Know about Rubber Products

Rubber can be made into a particular shape through various processes like, molding, casting and extrusion.

Some forms of shapes are commonly used to describe rubber products, such as
  • rubber o-ring seal
  • rubber seal
  • rubber gasket
  • rubber bar
  • rubber hose
  • rubber ball
  • rubber plug
and so on.

Besides, I-shaped, T-shaped, shims, rods, spherical, square, rectangular, angular, hexagonal, and tubular are also good modifiers to depict the shape of rubber products.

When purchasing rubber products from factories, manufacturers, distributors and retailers, customers usually include a certain shape in their keywords. As a rubber products manufacturer, we can show you a lot of examples that we collect from our customers's quote and messages. (We have removed some details to protect our customers' privacy)
O-ring seal
  • nitrile o ring price?
  • Need a quote for 6mm rubber o ring, 1000 pcs.
  • 100mm rubber o ring
  • coloured rubber o rings
  • oring nbr. Price?
  • I need neoprene o rings for a project in Singapore...
  • can u make 12 inch rubber o ring? please give best

Rubber Seal
  • I want to buy epdm rubber seal, 3000 pcs. Please provide me a quote with...
  • I am looking for door seal manufacturers and I want to have long term cooperation with u. Looking forword to your reply
  • propane tank rubber seal
  • price of I shaped rubber seal and t shape rubber seal?
  • Quote for 60mm rubber seal, 1500 pcs
  • can you send me a free sample of heat resistant rubber seal
  • we are looking for container door seals suppliers, can you please tell us price and lead time...
  • want heat proof rubber seal...
  • Need shipping container door seals, pls send me quote
  • are you a rubber seal factory?
Rubber gasket
  • 6 inch rubber gasket
  • t shaped rubber gasket
  • nbr rubber gasket
  • 8 inch rubber gasket
  • white neoprene gasket
  • u shaped gasket
  • epdm flange gasket
  • natural rubber gasket
  • white neoprene gasket
(Apart from these examples above, a variety of other shapes of rubber products we have made will be presented to you)
As a professional rubber products manufacturer in China, Ruyi Rubber is capable of manufacturing rubber products in various specially designed shapes. And if you want to know the manufacturing processes, we are willing to show you more details.

How a Rubber Products Factory Manufactures Rubber Products?

Prior to the manufacturing process, we'll choose the correct tooling or design the one that can realize your ideas. After that, it comes into the molding process which forms the shape of rubber products. There are mainly 4 kinds of molding methods: 1) Compression molding, 2) Transfer Molding, 3) Injection Molding, and 4) Liquid Injection Molding. 
Compression molding
First, the correct mold is preheated to a high temperature. Then, a preformed piece of uncured rubber is put in an open mold cavity. And finally, the rubber flows to fill the rubber mold cavity by the compression force which generates as the mold closes.
Transfer Molding
Different from compression molding, transfer molding use the mold with a enclosed cavity. Hence, the fill material is forced into the mold cavity. Usually, the raw materials or rubber compounds should be cut, weighed, or pre-formed before being put into the chamber.
Injection Molding
As the name suggests, molten rubber compounds are injected into a mold cavity using a nozzle and strategically placed sprues. And then, the rubber compounds harden to the configuration of the cavity when temperatures cool down in some ways.
Liquid Injection Molding
Injection molding of Liquid Silicone Rubber (LSR) is a process used to produce pliable, durable parts in high volumes. During the process, several components are necessary: an injector, a metering unit, a supply drum, a mixer, a nozzle, and a mold clamp, among others. Typical applications for liquid silicone rubber are products that require high precision such as seals, infant products where smooth surfaces are desired, such as bottle nipples, kitchen goods such as baking pans, rubber spatulas, etc.
We have been focused on manufacturing rubber products for over 20 years, which forms our expertise in tooling design, liquid injection molding, transfer molding, injection molding, and liquid injection molding. Our mission is to provide total solutions and a high-level customer experience. And we'll keep updating the content related to rubber products, hoping to provide you easy access to information and knowledge related to rubber products.

If you have any other good ideas or some knowledge about rubber products and want to share with us, just contact us!


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