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Medical Finger Cots Manufactuer & Supplier In China

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From the definition, finger cots, as referred to as finger gloves or finger condoms, are small flexible cap tubes intended to fit snugly around the finger. Usually stretching from just below knuckle one and ends between knuckles one and two. Moreover, finger cots provide exceptional protection for fingertips - whatever their purpose! They are designed from veriety of materials and mostly helpful in medicine, industry, and many other sectors.

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Constructed of latex or vinyl, finger cots aim to provide a secure fit over fingers and stay in place with the help of an elastic band around the base. Some versions of this are made from heavy rubber, and you can use them multiple times.

Finger cots are used to prevent infection. Practically, they do not protect as well as medical gloves, but they work in situations that requires little contact with the patient. For example, a doctor might use one to apply medicine to the patient without touching the patient directly. What's more, in skin care centers, some skin care specialists use latex finger cots when they put skin care products on clients' faces.

Most importantly, finger cots are invaluable for injured fingers since it can be difficult to keep wounds clean when hands come into contact with various surfaces throughout the day. Bandages and other wound dressings struggle to stay in place due to finger movement. Gladly, finger cots are ideal as they secure bandages and protect wounded fingers from everyday activities.

This type of finger protection is not only useful in medicine but in other fields as well. 

For instance, anyone who has to handle delicate electronic equipment should be careful about exposing it to things like human skin and oils, which can contaminate it. Similarly, Static electricity induced on our hands has the potential to interfere with and even damage sensitive electronic systems. That's why finger cots specifically designed for handling such devices have been created; they protect you and your equipment from static build-up due to their strength and anti-static properties.

In most cases, office workers use finger cots. This is because when you frequently handle paper, your skin can quickly dry out and become damaged. Many office personnel and cash handlers utilize one or more of these finger cots to help sort through documents while protecting their fingertips and nails from getting hurt or cut.

Made from a resilient rubber material, these sheathe safeguard tips of fingers - plus the rubber surface makes it easier for them to grip papers for moving around as needed!

Also, teachers can use rubber finger cots when they write and draw with chalk. It's inevitable to completely get no chalk dust stuck to the user's fingers. With the protection of rubber finger cots, chalk dust will not dry out and irratate the user's skin. Hence, rubber finger cots are very good a products for teachers or children who often use chalks.

In addition, pet owners who have a cut on their fingers would better feed put on rubber finger cots to feed their pets, avoiding infection from pet saliva. 

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Putting On a Finger Condom

Ready to protect your digits? Put on a finger condom with these easy steps.

Slide in the cot onto the tip of your finger and roll it out over its length, just like a regular latex condom. Once done, flatten any bubbles that may have formed for maximum protection. 

Ruyi Rubber - Your Reliable Rubber Finger cots Manufacturer & Suppier in China

A leader in manufacturing rubber/latex finger cots more than 20 years, Ruyi Rubber took its first steps in China and now is helping numerous businesses increasing their profit. Feel free to contact us if you are in the market for rubber products.

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