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Rear Cover Assembly
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Rear Cover Assembly

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Rear Cover Assembly
1.What is Rear Cover Assembly ?
An automobile cover panel assembly, characterized in that it includes: a body sheet metal, a spare tire cover body and a support; the body sheet metal is recessed to form a spare tire compartment, and the spare tire cover body is arranged on the spare tire Connecting sections are formed on both sides of the spare tire cover body, and the supporting member is detachably connected with the body sheet metal on the edge of the spare tire compartment.
2.Rubber Buffer Assembly Material?
Its material is mainly composed of SBR. Rubber Buffers can greatly reduce vibration and keep noise to a minimum.
3.Rubber Buffer Assembly Usage?
Rubber buffers are used in mechanical engineering, assembly structures, special machines and transport technology. They are popular structural elements for installing aggregates and acting as elastic buffers to limit spring travel by moving masses.



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